This should technically be called “Home for Five” if you include P and my four-legged children, but for the time being, I will stick with “Home for Two” because that is what we are building.  A home, for two people, physically and metaphorically.

We have lived many places together, including the condo we own in Portland, but this will be the first house that either of us have owned.  If we get through this process, we will be the proud owners of a complete fixer-upper (pictures to come once we’ve closed), and will be starting from scratch, making it our own.

In addition to physically renovating the house itself, we will be continuing to build upon the near decade (okay, rounding up a little) of our relationship, cooking food, having fellowship with friends, and eventually growing our family of two.

Once things get going, I will try to post every other day with pictures and (I’m sure) stories of our process.