The appraisal on our (soon-to-be) new home came back last Friday, and it was bad. The appraiser noted some things (four, to be exact) which made the house “uninhabitable.” **Side note – P and I were aware of all of these things (none of which are inside the house), and had already planned and budgeted to fix them.** Because these deficiencies were now noted on the official appraisal, they needed to be fixed before we could take possession! What a catch-22, we were planning to make the repairs once we took possession, but the repairs needed to be made before we could close!

Our amazing real-estate agent (if you’re looking for a house in the Seattle-area, let me know, our agent is wonderful!) called the selling agent, to see whether the Seller would be willing to make the repairs. P and I waited with bated breath all weekend long to learn our fate…

This morning, I got out of a meeting to see an email and a voice mail from our agent letting us know that the Seller has decided to make the repairs! While this does put a slight cramp on closing dates, which may still present a problem, it seems that we are go.  As our friend M so aptly put it, “Game On.”