We thought today was going to be the day.  We thought nothing more would stand in our way.  Sounds like a country song, right? Unfortunately, for the time being, it is the song of P and my life.  We had hoped that we would be signing escrow papers today, but alas, the title company doesn’t seem to understand that we’re operating under a deadline here! In fact, the seller even threatened to cancel the sale if they couldn’t get it together in time.  Lucky for us (as I’ve said before), we have a wonderful real estate agent who figured out back up plans, and talked to the selling agent to make sure that we could extend time. I wish there was no need to extend the closing date, but, same as everywhere else, the people at the title company have too much work, and not enough employees.

Now, there’s a chance that closing might be pushed out until the 29th!!! TWO WHOLE DAYS! But, it could be a blessing in disguise. This way (if we don’t get to close until next Thursday) I will only have one day at work where I’m thinking to myself, “I’d rather be at my house, pulling nails out of wall, cleaning window sills, and measuring to buy paint!”‘ As opposed to three days…

It’s not only the delay, but I feel like I’ve run a marathon this week! I’m sure everyone must feel like this in the home stretch of purchasing a house. P doesn’t really have anything to compare it to, because when he bought our condo in 2006, it all went so fast that he didn’t even have time to blink! He was driving to and from Portland so many times that I’m sure it all seemed like a blur.

I wish I could post pictures, but I feel like that might further jinx the process. Stay tuned!