This weekend was so much fun! It was pretty much our last “free” weekend for a while.  Tomorrow (for reals!) we sign our escrow papers, and regardless of when we get our keys, which may be as late as Thursday night, we will be spending next weekend working on the house.

P and I (as we have for the past few weekends) spent a good amount of time on Saturday exploring the aisles of our local Home Depot. I think we have both been aware/wary of the fact that renovating a home would be an exercise in the art of compromise. We have very different senses of style and, as with many other aspects of our lives, we have tried to cut off potential fights disagreements before they crop up. We have tried to express our opinions in respectful ways to one another, and then, both try to find something that we can live with, but that the other person would like. In doing this, we have found paint, hardwood, carpet, tile, cabinets, molding, and other ideas that we agree on. I think this will make us much happier in our renovation because it is bound to be stressful enough without us fighting disagreeing about what color the wall in our bedroom should be (teal!) or whether we want intricate or simple molding.

Don’t be fooled though, we did not spend our last weekend of freedom planning for renovation. Yesterday, our friends M and A came over to watch HBO’s True Blood, and then we had a sleepover! (Yes, P and I had friends to spend the night at Mommy and Daddy’s house) We got up bright and early to finalize our Fantasy Football lineups, and spent the morning feasting on mimosas, and eggs with Canadian bacon on English muffins. Sister and her husband came over as well and we all cheered the Seahawks on to their first victory of the season!

I can’t think of a better way to spend our last weekend of freedom!