Finally! After what has seemed like months and months of waiting (actual wait time: a mere 6 weeks from the day of our initial offer!), last night, P and I got the keys to our house! We took some picture of us in front of the house, but they’re on the camera, and the camera is with P, so I pulled this one of the house from the Snohomish County Tax Assessors Website.That’s it! That is our new house! It was built in 1978, and it shows.  It has a split-level type layout (which I’ll admit, is not my favorite) but in this case the entry is on the second floor, as opposed to the middle. As you can see from the picture, there is a beautiful stone chimney for both the upstairs and downstairs gas fireplaces. The property itself is very large, we will be sitting pretty on just over half an acre! Of course, some of our acreage is being used as a road easement for our neighbors, but I guess we’ll survive…

Last night, we cracked open a bottle of champagne (courtesy of our amazing realtor) and celebrated home ownership by running around the house with a hammer and pair of pliers, and pulled out all of the nails and screws left in the walls by the previous owner.

Tomorrow I will post more about all of the projects that P and I are planning, but for today, it is all I can do to say, “It’s ours! We have keys!!!”