First, here is a picture of P and me in front of our new house!!!

Ugh, juniper, juniper, and more juniper… Never fear, we have plans to remove it all!

The last couple of days haven’t seemed like very eventful days in Operation Renovation but, it was a start. Like the huge nerd that I am, I created a “P and Emily’s Home Notebook!” Inside, I have created pages for each room where we will be able to take notes on floor square footage, wall square footage, what brand and color of floor we use, what brand and color of paint we use, etc. This way, whenever we need to touch something up, or get a new tile, we’ll have a nifty little notebook where all of the information is kept. Like I said, huge nerd.

I started measuring the entryway, and decided to record the information in inches (not entirely sure why, but that’s how it happened). When I went to convert it to square feet, I did the multiplication, and then divided by twelve… Something was wrong! There was no way that our entryway is 500+ square feet! What did I do wrong?? I forgot, that since I had already done the “squared” part, I needed to divide by 144! Once I remembered my elementary school math, things got easier. I have measured almost the entire upstairs, and will finish downstairs today.

P has been working hard on the yard, and removing all of the dusty old blinds from the windows. Yesterday, while he was tackling major ivy overgrowth, he was amazed to discover a third key to our house hidden among the ivy! Even though we had already been planning on it, this has given rise to part of today’s agenda: buy new deadbolts. If a key was just hanging out on our driveway, who knows how many others could be out there! (Of course, there’s nothing in the house to steal yet, but still!)

Last little problem that needs more immediate attention, the downstairs bathroom is leaking, a lot! We knew about it when we bought it (when we turned the water on with our inspector) but now that we’re the ones paying for water, we care a little more.

Plan for today: Finish measuring, finish removing blinds, remove baseboards, and if there is time, begin removing wallpaper. P may also try and get on the roof and clean the gutters (He had wanted to do this yesterday while I was at work but I vetoed that idea…) Purchase new deadbolts and new taps for the downstairs bathroom. I would like to think that all of that is possible in twelve hours, we’ll see.