Phew! What a weekend! I hurt all over from all the work I did, and a *minor* accident, and P’s hand is so swollen, it looks like he’s got a baseball peeking out of it!

First things first, my minor accident involved me having a minor lapse in judgment regarding a hole saw. I was trying to remove it from the drill bit it was attached to, and decided that a smart idea would be holding on to it, and using the twist of the drill to unscrew it… I merely succeeded in giving myself a dozen teeny cuts on my hand. P’s hand, we think, is swollen from removing the ivy from the side of the house on Friday.

It feels like we did so much work yesterday! We replaced the doors locks, and added (or, tried to add, it’s still pending) a deadbolt to one of the outside doors. We replaced the (super awesome) Gothic looking door handle from the front door with a beautiful, sleek, brushed nickle one:






You can see where the old one lived, behind the new one, but P and I will be repainting the door (we are accepting recommendations for colors).

Last night, after working very hard all day, we sat down to enjoy some champagne in front of our fireplace.While we were sitting and discussing our plans for the next day, we decided to pull the baseboards off of just one wall, and lo and behold, got our second wind! We ran around the house for over an hour and pulled all of the baseboards off.  We were “delighted” to discover the original wallpaper beneath the baseboards

I especially love the salmon paint with that fabulous wallpaper!

For now, I leave you with a picture of what I like to refer to as The Mountain of Tetnus.

This coming week, look forward to removing wallpaper, and painting!