Or, in the alternative, The Devil’s Wallpaper.

We finally started removing wallpaper today! We decided to start off in the room with the least wallpaper, just to work on getting the hang of things. It went so well, and so fast, we quickly moved on to the next room. P was able to get the the border off in one piece!

As we peeled away more, we discovered this little gem hiding beneath the rosy stripes!

We had seen a small teaser of this design underneath the molding on the opposite wall, but had no idea that we’d be treated to a whole wall!

At this point, we had a tremendous sense of foreboding, we had read/been told that removing wallpaper required a lot of patience, and here we were, powering through it like champs!

And yet again, the master bedroom proved to be no match for us!

Then, The Devil’s Wallpaper struck… A sadist must have put up the wallpeper in the main bathroom! I cannot think of any other explanations, well, except that the guy (our neighbor!) just did that good a job… The rest of the house is pretty solid, and I think the bamboo print left in the main bathroom is the only remaining original wallpaper.

We eventually moved on from that room, because it was just too frustrating. We’ll hit it again tomorrow when we’re good and refreshed.

Also tomorrow, Escapades with Electricity (removing baseboard heaters)!