Well, that title may be misleading… everything has not magically come together, but we are starting painting tonight! The ceiling… Better than nothing, I guess!  We decided to use Glidden’s Ceiling Paint for two reasons:   1) Even though it’s most likely a gimmick, it’s called “Ceiling Paint,” and 2) It starts off pink, and then turns white as it dries, so you can ensure full coverage. I’m mostly excited at the prospect of getting to paint our ceilings baby pink (to start with…)!

An update on wallpaper removal, and The Devil’s Bathroom: We (read: I) got all of the cotton-y glue/backing off the walls of The Devil’s Bathroom, and there are only a couple of small areas that will need to be patched (in some areas, the glue was so strong it pulled off the top few layers of drywall!)

While P was working on the tedious task of removing the strips of wallpaper that were hidden under the baseboards and door casings, I decided to try my hand at removing baseboard heaters! I also used it as an opportunity to learn about electricity, and the wiring in our home. **I only learned “the hard way” one time… I had turned off all the breakers for the upstairs heaters, but hadn’t planned on tackling the downstairs ones yet, when I decided that the downstairs ones needed to be done as well… Lucky for me, the thermostat was off, and the heater itself was off.** Beyond that, I learned that it doesn’t matter how you hook up a baseboard heater, since they were all wired differently! I learned how to hook up baseboard heaters, and should be able to install the new ones with little problems.

Because of my “success” with removing the baseboard heaters, I have decided  that P and I will totally be able to move the light switches and thermostat from the wall that we want to tear down (I may be having delusions of grandeur). We will be attempting that tomorrow!