Or, in the alternative, Let There Be Light!

This weekend, P and I did a lot of construction type work.  Most of it was still demolition, and not building, but we’re seeing progress which makes things feel better.

We had a consultation with a company that does flooring (which shall remain nameless).  After going through many samples of carpet, hardwood, and tile, the only thing I am truly excited about is the hardwood (the carpet and the tile are just “okay”). Hopefully we (P and I, and the company) will be able to work something out in the price that will make us both happy, because I’ll be honest, when the sales rep quoted us the final price, I nearly threw up on him (as Sister said, wouldn’t that be a negotiation tactic!)

We also brought the wall separating our kitchen and dining room down! I have been wanting to do this since the night we closed, but we were both a little nervous about taking the plunge.

We agreed that one of the most fun parts was kicking through the drywall at the bottom.  But, we made a huge mess, which was not fun to clean up. And even though it was fun while we were doing it, I woke up this morning feeling like I had been run over by several trucks, my shoulders in particular.  Our friend M came over to see the house, and watch football, so we made sure to leave him a section of drywall to demolish as well.  I took some pictures of him at work, but they’re on the camera (these were just on my phone), I will update the post once I upload those pictures.

The final product, for now:

It’s amazing how much better, brighter, more open, the kitchen/dining room looks, even with the studs remaining! Hopefully, we’ll be able to hire Sister’s brother-in-law (who is an electrician) to help us move the switches and outlets.

After much back and forth (literally, driving back and forth) we have decided to move our futon (which has been stored at P’s parents’ house since we moved back up from Portland!) to the house. This way, we can at least sleep there on weekends and it will save us so much time, and gas! It will be tough to be away from the comforts of a real home, but we want to put in the “sweat equity” now, so that we will be able to enjoy the fruit of our labor more fully in the not-so-distant future.