Short post.  P and I have been trying to texture the walls that had wallpaper on them, because they’re flat.  Instead of buying a bunch of equipment we would never use or need again, we decided to just go the “canned texture” route, and it seems to be working pretty well! In the bedroom, we did the first wall using the “fine” spray.  When we checked on it yesterday, after drying for nearly 24 hours, it was not quite thick enough.  We decided to use the “medium” level for the rest of the walls, and will know when we get there tonight whether it produced the effect we were hoping for. The texture itself is called “Orange Peel” which is, I believe, one of the more common textures.

Some of the rest of the house has a pretty weird texture, but I’m still undecided whether I care enough to sand down and re-do it all… I know, I keep saying that painting is next, but this time, I really think it is! At least, I hope it is. Honestly, it’s getting hard to keep going back and to not see any real “progress.”

To close, I will leave you all with a gross/awesome picture of what we discovered “living” behind the stove. We weren’t sure at first if it was worms or brains… in the end, I think it may just be old ramen noodles… Or the previous owner was a zombie.