P and I are doing it! We are spending the weekend at the new place. It will be little better than camping, but we’re going to give it a shot! I’m excited about not having to drive back to the Plateau when we are done for the night.

I will miss my king sized bed though, and this guy:

Look how cute he is cuddling my feet! He is such a Mama’s Boy… I will miss the Gizmo and Lola too, but Widget is my baby.

Unfortunately, Widget is the only one of our cats who is not overweight. I’m hoping that having a house with stairs will help “Jabba the Cat” and “Tubbers” be healthier. Those girls don’t get along with each other, and I think being confined to our apartment in Ballard, and the “apartment” at Mommy and Daddy’s has exacerbated the problem.

Soon though! T-minus 3 weeks???