Good advice, right?

I hate doing things wrong. Like, hate, worse than most things I can think of. When I mess up while doing something, I find it so irritating that I usually rage around and threaten to quit. Most of the time I manage to get over myself for a moment (take a breath, get centered) and power through.  I will admit though, that there are those times when no amount of hyperventilating breathing will help, and I quit (at least, in the short term).

The Devil’s Bathroom has really been giving me a headache. I bought some PVA Primer this weekend, because I needed to prime the bare drywall in that bathroom before adding texture, then painting. The first coat went on very well. I was so happy to see it finally taking shape! I left it to dry all afternoon and evening and went back to it at 8:00 (a full 4 hours after the time which the bucket told me that it would be ready for a second coat). When I started rolling the primer on, I noticed something strange happening every once in a while, the first layer of primer was being pulled off, instead of more being put on! It was SO frustrating! I did about half of one wall before I decided that it was time to stop… Plus, my throat was feeling raw from all of the frustrated yelling I was doing.

I have also managed to mess up the wiring to a florescent light fixture. The fixture wasn’t working, so P and I bought another one. The new one has plug, but the one in the ceiling is simply wired in. I was trying to take the old one down, and managed to mess up some circuit, so now, for some reason, the light in the downstairs bedroom doesn’t work either. I have an idea of what’s going on, but I’m not entirely sure.

I did manage to get myself under control and fix The Devil’s Bathroom, so it should be ready to texture this evening. Thank goodness.

Next post, exploring shower kits and the joys of dry rot…