Surprisingly enough, this post is not going to be about something to do with the house. Well, not entirely…

It has officially been 4 weeks since we took possession, and we have made a lot of progress and learned a lot about ourselves. A couple of things that I have learned are:

  1. I am a happier person when I can work out on a regular basis.  I am more productive while I am awake, I am happier to be awake, I don’t feel like I am slowly turning in to The Blob, and my clothes fit better (duh!).  Sister and I went to dinner this week (Seattle Restaurant Week!) and had a discussion about how thankful we are for high school sports, because otherwise we’d have been complete basket cases! (To be fair, I am the drama queen of the family, not her, I don’t think she will ever truly be a basket case)
  2. I like to cook. A lot. I’ve known this about myself, but it goes hand in hand with not being able to work out (it’s a stress release, even though, if you ask P, I get a little bit too worked up while I’m cooking time sensitive things).  I get a lot of joy from cooking for my family! A small part of it is hearing praise that what I have created is “soooooo good!” But, really, I just like cooking! Lately, as we get deeper in to fall, I have been craving rich soups with cheesy breads, breakfast extravaganzas with every kind of egg, meat, potato, bread, etc., and I also really want to make Shepherd’s Pie, the real way, with lamb. Once I finally have a working kitchen, I’m going to be unstoppable!
  3. I like candy corn way too much.

Last night, I was painting the inside of the master closet, and I got creative:

Biggest cheese ball in the world, right here!