A word about paint colors.

It is very frustrating when companies that make paint do not organize their colors with like tones.  When I was a kid, Mom and Dad let me paint my room whatever color I wanted, and I decided that I wanted my room to be grades of blue.  We went to the paint store, and I chose the dark color I wanted for the “main” color.  We then bought 3 of the other 4 colors on the card.  It worked out perfectly because they were all the same tone, just progressively lighter shades. There are still some companies who have the 3-5 color per card system, which I think is awesomely convenient.

Of course, P and I didn’t feel like choosing those brands. Instead choosing a “one-off” color through a different brand. The main irritation now is, of course, it’s just a bit too dark, but we can’t find any color that is the same tone, but a tad lighter! We tried one yesterday, and instead of being a rich grey, it was nearly iridescent purple!

We’re just going to suck it up and paint the house the darker color because it’s too frustrating to try and find something different… plus, we already bought a 5 gallon bucket of the original color. I think it will look great once we get the white trim and white doors on… I hope.