When we looked at our house for the first time and I saw the gargantuan yard, I said to P, “If you want this house, you have to promise me that I will never, ever, have to mow this yard…” Now, I’m not saying we have acres and acres, but our half acre parcel has a yard that could almost fit a regulation baseball diamond (the infield, not the whole thing!).  When we started looking for homes, I didn’t think that we needed that much space, we had been living in apartments/condos for so long, I had forgotten what we were missing! In the (nearly) two years that we have lived in our house, we have played catch, kicked a soccer ball, lounged in camping chairs, built a fire pit and sat in front of the fire, and played fetch with our “puphew.” Obviously, the apartment/condo amnesia was very strong.

After closing on our house, P immediately began scouring CraigsList to find the exact John Deere tractor that he had always dreamed of owning. A John Deere 318, to be specific (or, as he refers to it, “the Cadillac of garden tractors”), just like the one he grew up with. Buying a used tractor was no small feat, and for well over a year our lawn was mowed thanks in part to the generosity of P’s dad, who let him borrow his OWN John Deere 318. Each weekend, P would drive to his parents’ house, load up the tractor, bring it home, cut our lawn, load the tractor back up, and drive it back to his parents house… Not a very fun way to spend a Saturday, and I’m sure not what P had in mind when we purchased the house we did.

He had a laundry list of questions and criteria for the person he would purchase his tractor from, the most important of which is that he didn’t want to buy from a small-time dealer. He wanted to buy from someone who (most likely) would have treated the tractor the way he would. Protect it from the elements, and service it regularly.  While, in the end, he didn’t find someone who met all of his criteria, a few weeks ago, he finally found the one!

IMG_20130815_141909He has had a blast mowing our lawn, and using it in conjunction with the (borrowed) dump cart to haul yard waste to our fire pit (we’re finally getting rid of the cursed ivy!). I have loved watching him mow the lawn, and haul yard waste… :) Hardeehar, it sounds terrible of me to say that, but there are many reasons: First, because it makes it more pleasant to be outside, enjoying our large property, and Second, because it makes him so happy! I get such a kick out of watching him ride around on the tractor, because he usually has a big grin on his face while he does it. He likes to joke that we bought the house we did, solely so that he would have an excuse to buy a garden tractor :) Honestly though, I’m not entirely convinced that he’s joking…