New Floor!

Please excuse any errors in this post, I am posting using the WordPress for Android app on my new phone!

Our new floor is beginning to take shape! Our contractor has installed the floor in the dining room and kitchen!


I’m so pleased with how it’s coming along! We can see the light at the end of this long tunnel we have been travelling through. Finally.



Sorry folks, for the nearly two month long hiatus.  We have been too busy renovating to write about renovating! Big things are happening! We have a new master bathroom, and new flooring is about to be installed.  Never fear, we have captured our journey in pictures and will be doing a before and after post once we’re moved in… if not before. Possibly within the next three weeks… (Let’s hope I didn’t just jinx it!)

Goodbye Sailboats

We got new garage doors installed!

Here is the old:

It may be slightly difficult to see, but please note the sailboats, seagulls, and dolphin that once graced my oh-so-classy one-piece garage door.

Here is the new one:

Beautiful, no? I heart it.

Paint Colors

A word about paint colors.

It is very frustrating when companies that make paint do not organize their colors with like tones.  When I was a kid, Mom and Dad let me paint my room whatever color I wanted, and I decided that I wanted my room to be grades of blue.  We went to the paint store, and I chose the dark color I wanted for the “main” color.  We then bought 3 of the other 4 colors on the card.  It worked out perfectly because they were all the same tone, just progressively lighter shades. There are still some companies who have the 3-5 color per card system, which I think is awesomely convenient.

Of course, P and I didn’t feel like choosing those brands. Instead choosing a “one-off” color through a different brand. The main irritation now is, of course, it’s just a bit too dark, but we can’t find any color that is the same tone, but a tad lighter! We tried one yesterday, and instead of being a rich grey, it was nearly iridescent purple!

We’re just going to suck it up and paint the house the darker color because it’s too frustrating to try and find something different… plus, we already bought a 5 gallon bucket of the original color. I think it will look great once we get the white trim and white doors on… I hope.

Garage Doors and Couches

Last week, we had a consultation with Overhead Door and it went great! We’re going to be getting a very basic model of garage door, but it’s going to have little windows on top! It’s also going to be infinitely better than what we currently have, which is an old, one-piece (even though I will miss the sailboat and seagull pattern!)

Having consultations set up with various people makes me feel like things are moving along as well. For example, tomorrow evening, we’re having a guy over to take a look at where we’d like the island to be in the kitchen, and to look at the master bathroom where we’ve seen some dry rot. It’ll be so nice to have some numbers to work with. I’ve started feeling like we’re stuck in a difficult cycle where we’re never going to move in!

This coming Saturday is going to be a very busy day though! The garage door will be installed and the flooring people are going to come and measure to give us a quote (different flooring folks than the first time…) Also, P and I may take a little trip to Bellingham because, wait for it…

We bought a couch this weekend! Our very good friend J works for DVSAS in Bellingham, and last Saturday was their annual gala/auction. Because of the renovations to the house, P and I had not been intending to bid on any big ticket items, but there was a beautiful couch in the silent auction! It is exactly the kind of couch that we would have looked at buying in a few years (we’d been planning to just make do with the futon that we have). We put our number down in the first slot, assuming that someone must outbid us, but if not, we’d end up with a great couch for a fabulous price! Oddly enough, no one else bid! So, couch it is! Now we just need to figure out a way to get it to our house… and where to keep it while we continue to remodel…

Just Keep Swimming

Surprisingly enough, this post is not going to be about something to do with the house. Well, not entirely…

It has officially been 4 weeks since we took possession, and we have made a lot of progress and learned a lot about ourselves. A couple of things that I have learned are:

  1. I am a happier person when I can work out on a regular basis.  I am more productive while I am awake, I am happier to be awake, I don’t feel like I am slowly turning in to The Blob, and my clothes fit better (duh!).  Sister and I went to dinner this week (Seattle Restaurant Week!) and had a discussion about how thankful we are for high school sports, because otherwise we’d have been complete basket cases! (To be fair, I am the drama queen of the family, not her, I don’t think she will ever truly be a basket case)
  2. I like to cook. A lot. I’ve known this about myself, but it goes hand in hand with not being able to work out (it’s a stress release, even though, if you ask P, I get a little bit too worked up while I’m cooking time sensitive things).  I get a lot of joy from cooking for my family! A small part of it is hearing praise that what I have created is “soooooo good!” But, really, I just like cooking! Lately, as we get deeper in to fall, I have been craving rich soups with cheesy breads, breakfast extravaganzas with every kind of egg, meat, potato, bread, etc., and I also really want to make Shepherd’s Pie, the real way, with lamb. Once I finally have a working kitchen, I’m going to be unstoppable!
  3. I like candy corn way too much.

Last night, I was painting the inside of the master closet, and I got creative:

Biggest cheese ball in the world, right here!

Take a Breath, Get Centered

Good advice, right?

I hate doing things wrong. Like, hate, worse than most things I can think of. When I mess up while doing something, I find it so irritating that I usually rage around and threaten to quit. Most of the time I manage to get over myself for a moment (take a breath, get centered) and power through.  I will admit though, that there are those times when no amount of hyperventilating breathing will help, and I quit (at least, in the short term).

The Devil’s Bathroom has really been giving me a headache. I bought some PVA Primer this weekend, because I needed to prime the bare drywall in that bathroom before adding texture, then painting. The first coat went on very well. I was so happy to see it finally taking shape! I left it to dry all afternoon and evening and went back to it at 8:00 (a full 4 hours after the time which the bucket told me that it would be ready for a second coat). When I started rolling the primer on, I noticed something strange happening every once in a while, the first layer of primer was being pulled off, instead of more being put on! It was SO frustrating! I did about half of one wall before I decided that it was time to stop… Plus, my throat was feeling raw from all of the frustrated yelling I was doing.

I have also managed to mess up the wiring to a florescent light fixture. The fixture wasn’t working, so P and I bought another one. The new one has plug, but the one in the ceiling is simply wired in. I was trying to take the old one down, and managed to mess up some circuit, so now, for some reason, the light in the downstairs bedroom doesn’t work either. I have an idea of what’s going on, but I’m not entirely sure.

I did manage to get myself under control and fix The Devil’s Bathroom, so it should be ready to texture this evening. Thank goodness.

Next post, exploring shower kits and the joys of dry rot…


P and I are doing it! We are spending the weekend at the new place. It will be little better than camping, but we’re going to give it a shot! I’m excited about not having to drive back to the Plateau when we are done for the night.

I will miss my king sized bed though, and this guy:

Look how cute he is cuddling my feet! He is such a Mama’s Boy… I will miss the Gizmo and Lola too, but Widget is my baby.

Unfortunately, Widget is the only one of our cats who is not overweight. I’m hoping that having a house with stairs will help “Jabba the Cat” and “Tubbers” be healthier. Those girls don’t get along with each other, and I think being confined to our apartment in Ballard, and the “apartment” at Mommy and Daddy’s has exacerbated the problem.

Soon though! T-minus 3 weeks???

Orange Peel

Short post.  P and I have been trying to texture the walls that had wallpaper on them, because they’re flat.  Instead of buying a bunch of equipment we would never use or need again, we decided to just go the “canned texture” route, and it seems to be working pretty well! In the bedroom, we did the first wall using the “fine” spray.  When we checked on it yesterday, after drying for nearly 24 hours, it was not quite thick enough.  We decided to use the “medium” level for the rest of the walls, and will know when we get there tonight whether it produced the effect we were hoping for. The texture itself is called “Orange Peel” which is, I believe, one of the more common textures.

Some of the rest of the house has a pretty weird texture, but I’m still undecided whether I care enough to sand down and re-do it all… I know, I keep saying that painting is next, but this time, I really think it is! At least, I hope it is. Honestly, it’s getting hard to keep going back and to not see any real “progress.”

To close, I will leave you all with a gross/awesome picture of what we discovered “living” behind the stove. We weren’t sure at first if it was worms or brains… in the end, I think it may just be old ramen noodles… Or the previous owner was a zombie.

Walls of Jericho

Or, in the alternative, Let There Be Light!

This weekend, P and I did a lot of construction type work.  Most of it was still demolition, and not building, but we’re seeing progress which makes things feel better.

We had a consultation with a company that does flooring (which shall remain nameless).  After going through many samples of carpet, hardwood, and tile, the only thing I am truly excited about is the hardwood (the carpet and the tile are just “okay”). Hopefully we (P and I, and the company) will be able to work something out in the price that will make us both happy, because I’ll be honest, when the sales rep quoted us the final price, I nearly threw up on him (as Sister said, wouldn’t that be a negotiation tactic!)

We also brought the wall separating our kitchen and dining room down! I have been wanting to do this since the night we closed, but we were both a little nervous about taking the plunge.

We agreed that one of the most fun parts was kicking through the drywall at the bottom.  But, we made a huge mess, which was not fun to clean up. And even though it was fun while we were doing it, I woke up this morning feeling like I had been run over by several trucks, my shoulders in particular.  Our friend M came over to see the house, and watch football, so we made sure to leave him a section of drywall to demolish as well.  I took some pictures of him at work, but they’re on the camera (these were just on my phone), I will update the post once I upload those pictures.

The final product, for now:

It’s amazing how much better, brighter, more open, the kitchen/dining room looks, even with the studs remaining! Hopefully, we’ll be able to hire Sister’s brother-in-law (who is an electrician) to help us move the switches and outlets.

After much back and forth (literally, driving back and forth) we have decided to move our futon (which has been stored at P’s parents’ house since we moved back up from Portland!) to the house. This way, we can at least sleep there on weekends and it will save us so much time, and gas! It will be tough to be away from the comforts of a real home, but we want to put in the “sweat equity” now, so that we will be able to enjoy the fruit of our labor more fully in the not-so-distant future.